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Items Pictured:


Refreshing Body Armor 16-oz. 89₵

Refreshing Coca Cola 6 Pack 1/2 ltr. $3.36

Jackson Farms Green Cabbage Per lb. 29₵

Xtra Large Green Bell Pepper Each 62₵

Super Size Malt O Meal Cereals 31-34-oz. $3.98

Prego Spaghetti Sauce 45-oz. $3.33

Delicious IQF Crab Legs 5/8-Ct. Per lb. $8.27

Hefty Foam Plates 130-Ct. $5

Blue Bunny Ice Cream 4 Quart Pail $5.97

Certified Angus Choice Beef Boneless Sirloin Tip Steak Value Pack Per lb. $5.32

Fresh Premium Pork Baby Back Ribs Per lb. $2.93

Washington State Honeycrisp Apples Per lb. $1.14

Fresh California Broccoli Crowns Per lb. $1.48

Totino’s Pizza Rolls 100-Ct. $8.81

Fresh Premium Fryer Leg Quarters 10-lb. $6.40 40-lb. $23.40


Items Not Pictured:


Shawnee Self-Rising Flour 5 lb. Bag Free When You Download The App! (Use 1x In One Transaction)

All Varieties UTZ Pretzels 14-16 oz. $3.00 Sale Price -$1.50 Digital Coupon $1.50 (Use 4x In One Transaction)

Clear Bag Pictsweet Frozen Vegetables 22-28 oz. $1.00 Off (Use 4x In One Transaction)

Buy one 4-ct Pack of Blue Bunny Twist Cones and Get 1 Pint of Twist Ice Cream Free! (Use 4x In One Transaction)

Ragu Spaghetti Sauce 66 oz. Value Size $4.44 Sale Price -.50 Digital Coupon $3.94 (Use 1x In One Transaction)

Detergent Simply Tide 117 oz. $8.96 Sale Price -$1.00 Digital Coupon $7.96 (Use 41x In One Transaction)

Vegetable Crisco Shortening 3 lb. Can $4.97 Sale Price -$1.00 Digital Coupon $3.97 (Use 2x In One Transaction)

Refreshing Gold Peak Sweet Tea 6 Pack 1/2 ltr. $5.99

Refreshing Powerade Drinks 8 Pack 20-oz. $4.99

Sutter Home Wine 1.5-ltr. $7.50 750-ml.. $3.99

Certified Angus Choice Beef  Whole Sirloin Tip Per lb. $4.81

Certified Angus Choice Beef Sirloin Tip Roast per lb. $5.12

Fresh Premium Pork Bone In Sirloin Pork Chops Value Pack. Per lb. $1.39

Certified Angus Choice Beef Boneless Sirloin Steak Value Pack Per lb. $6.77

Fieldstone Whole Smoked Picnic Per lb. $1.76

D.L. Lee Smoked Pork Chops Value Pack lb. $3.56

Cook’s Center Cut Ham Steaks Per lb. $3.81

Assorted Armour Lunchmakers 2.6 oz. 96₵

IQF Party Style Cut Wings Bag $8.43

Fresh Prmeium Boneless Skinless Fryer Breast Value Pack. Per lb $2.54

Old Fashioned Red or Black Hoop Cheese Per lb. $3.98

Thick Sliced Smoked Carolina Pride Bacon 40-oz. Value Size $9.84

Wild Caught 16/25ct Per lb. Nature’s Best Headess Red Shrimp 2-lb. Bag $13.73

Jackson Farms Sweet Corn Ear 44₵

Jackson Farms New Red or Gold Potatoes Per lb. 75₵

Washington State Red Apples Per lb. 89₵

On The Vine Fresh Tomatoes Per lb. $1.33

Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers Each $1.25

Bud or Bud Light 20 Pack 16oz. $22.70

Michelob Ultra 18 Pack 12-oz. $19.30

Natural Light , Natural Ice or Busch or Busch Light 24 Pack 12-oz. $15.65

Arbor Mist 1.5-ltr $7.95 750 ml. $3.99

Sutter Home 1.5-ltr $7.50 750 ml. $3.99

Menage Wine 750-ml $8.25

Ranch & Bacon Suddenly Salad Twin Pack $2.00

Evaporated Pet Milk 12-oz. 89₵

Pearls Medium Black Olives 6-oz. $1.25

Long Grain China Doll Rice 1-lb. 99₵

Boston’s Best K-Cup Coffee 80-Ct. $19.92

Armour Vienna Sausage 4.6-oz. 69₵

Hefty Party Cups 100-Ct. 16-oz. $8.12

UTZ or Golden Flake Barrel Size Snacks 16-32-oz. $6.33

All Flavors Golden Flake Pork Skins 4-oz. $1.52

Assorted Activia Yogurt 4-6-oz. $2.44

Land O Lakes Butter 1-lb. Salted or Unsalted $3.91

Stouffer’s Mac n Cheese 40-oz. $6.96

Imperial Margarine 45-oz. $2.75

All Flavors Piggly Wiggly Sherbet 32-oz. $1.98

TJ Farms Crinkle Cut Fries 5-lb. Bag $4.80

Blue Bunny Twist Cones 4 Pack $3.60 Buy 1 Pack of Blue Bunny Twist Cones Get 1 Pint of Blue Bunny Twist Ice Cream Free!

Panda Express Oriental Sauces 20-oz. $3.60

Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce 18-oz. $2.66

Luzianna Tea Bags 48-Ct. $3.77

56-oz. Value Size Dawn Dish Liquid $6.99

Buttermilk, Lemon, Coconut or Chess Pies Each $4.97

Mrs. Freshleys Bagged Donuts Only $2.29

Kings Hawaiian Sweet Slider Rolls 9-Ct. $3.50

Slow Smoked St. Louis Style Ribs Slab $12.95

Whole Rotisserie Chicken Family Meal 1 Rotisserie Chicken 2 16-oz. Sides & 4pk Dinner Rolls $16

Slaw or Potato Reser’s Salads 16-oz. $1.97