Featured Power Buys
Dear valued customers,

As the country responds to the unprecedented consequences of coronavirus, please be assured that Fresh 4 Less is doing everything in our power to keep the store clean, disinfected and as stocked as possible. 
We have adjusted our store closing hours in order to give our team more time to clean and restock shelves. Fresh 4 Less’ top priorities are our customers and employees, and this is just one of the many measures we are taking to care for them. Fresh 4 Less will be open to serve you Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We are dedicating the first hour of business for our seniors aged 55 or older. This dedicated hour will be available to you, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 a.m.
Thank you for your business!”

At Fresh 4 Less, we sell at our cost plus 10% added at the register on every item in the store (cost includes freight, fee and associated expenses).

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POWER BUYS: Check out our Power Buys good July 8 through July 14. Don’t forget, Fresh 4 Less is your Cost Plus 10% discount grocery store!

Items Pictured: 

Kraft BBQ Sauce 18-oz. 89¢

Regular Kraft Mayonnaise 30-oz. $2.50 

All Flavors Blue Bell Ice Cream Half Gallon $4.98

Fresh Premium Center Cut Pork Chops Value Pack Per lb. $1.76

Premium Land O Frost Lunchmeat 1-lb. Pkg. $3.61

Fresh Golden Ripe Bananas Per lb. 44¢

Fresh Express Fancy Greens Veggie Lovers 7-11-oz. $2

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice 89-oz. Value Size $3.99

Wishbone Salad Dressing 15-oz. $1.66 

Assorted Lil Hug Drinks 20-pack 8-oz. $2.87

Assorted Kool-Aid Jammers 10-ct. $1.50

Yuengling Including Lager, Light, Gold, Black & Tan 12-pack $9.96 

Select Varieties Barefoot Wine 1.5-ltr $7.50  

Refreshing Coca Cola 12-pack Cans $2.88

Certified Angus Beef Boneless Sirloin Tip Steak Value Pack Per lb. $3.36

Fresh Premium Thin Cut Breakfast Pork Chops Value Pack Per lb. $1.98

Premium Baby Back Ribs Per lb. $2.57

Fresh Tender Corn Ear 38¢

Sweet Summer Yellow Nectarines Per lb. $1.25

Assorted Yoplait Yogurt 4-6-oz. 44¢

Multi-pack Wise Chips 22-ct. $4.75

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix 6-pack $2.97


Items Not Pictured: 

Refreshing Food Club Sodas 2-ltr. 70¢

Cool Whip Topping 8-oz. 89¢

Certified Angus Beef Boneless Whole Sirloin Tip Per lb. $2.91

Fresh Premium Pork Bone-in Assorted Pork Chops Value Pack Per lb. $1.16

Fieldstone Smoked Picnic Ham Per lb. 89¢, Sliced Per lb. $1.22 

Carolina Pride Cubed Ham Value Pack 24-oz. $3.99

Hickory Smoked or Cooked Bristol Can Ham 16-oz. $1.99

Regular or Mini Foster Farms Corn Dogs 3-lb. Pkg. $5.77

IQF Seasoned Pork Tenders Per lb. $1.81 

Realtree Whole Quail 12-ct. $18.92

Gala, Red or Golden Delicious Apples 3-lb. Bag $2.50

Fresh Sweet Blueberries Pint $2.81

Fresh Sweet Seedless Watermelons Each $3.90

Fresh Shelled White Acre Peas Per lb. $4.79

Sweet Seeded Watermelons Each $3.90

Green Boiling Peanuts Per lb. $2.39

Jumbo Sweet Vidalia Onions Per lb. 96¢

Fresh Northwest Cherries Per lb. $3.40

California Valencia Oranges 4-lb. Bag $3.99

Value Pack Hot Pockets 12-ct. 54-oz. $8.99

Bag or Can Maxwell House Coffee 10.5-11.5-oz $2.50

Rich & Thick Monarch Ketchup 20-oz. 66¢

Royal Oak Lump Charcoal 15.44-lb. Bag $9.98

Wis-Con Nacho Cheese 6-lb. 10-oz. $6.70

Kingsford Pecan Charcoal 14.6-lb. $6.90

Nature’s Own Honey Wheat Bread 20-oz. $1.87

Solo Party Cups 20-ct. $1.95

Value Star Foam Plates 30-ct. 79¢

Original or Cajun Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts 6-lb. $4.41

Tropicana Twister Drinks 59-oz. $1

Blue Bonnet Margarine Sticks 16-oz. 79¢

Sugar Free French Vanilla Carnation Coffeemate 32-oz. $2.67

Bud or Bud Light 24-pack 16-oz. Cans $17.25

Landshark Beer 6-pack Btls. $3.96

Beck’s 6-pack bottles $4.38

Founders Ale 15-pack $13.60

Michelob Ultra Beer 24-pack $19.90

Select Varieties Liberty Creek 1.5-ltr. $6.37

Select Varieties Apothic Wine 750-ml $6.50

Select Varieties Gallo Wine 750-ml. $3

Schmitt-Sohne Blue Bottle Wine 750-ml. $6.26